Management Systems and Program Evaluations

Audits are conducted to evaluate effectiveness of the management system and programs to determine compliance to applicable legal regulations and other requirements. Right4U Safety Consulting Inc. will do this by:

  • Guiding and preparing organizations through the process of achieving compliance to applicable legal regulations and other requirements, and providing ongoing support to maintain and effective occupational health and safety management system and programs. 
  • Conducting an analysis of existing occupational health and safety system and identifying opportunities for improvement to ensure success in achieving and maintaining COR (Certificate of Recognition) or ISO 45001:2018 certification. 
  • ​Assisting organizations in conducting their annual internal ​(maintenance) OH&S audits. 
  • Conducting external ​(3rd party) OH&S certification and re-certification audits.

The audit process shall follow the guidelines specified in ISO 19011:2011, Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems, and applicable management system standards.